On eBay Now: Ork Banners & Ammo Dump

Mismuse’s fingers work like petite little servitor manipulators as she assembles and paints these amazing sets. Each rocket, bomb and explosive device is completely hand-sculpted and painted. Take a look and don’t miss out on this striking and detailed set!

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On eBay Now: 6 Pc. Imperial Banner Set

Mark your goals, mark your objectives, mark your territory without the use of urine. All this is possible and more with this set of lovingly crafted, Imperial-themed banners!

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On eBay Now: The River Of Blood

Because we can’t make anything “ordinary” this is the 3T-Studios spin on a wargaming staple, the sectional river. This is a 4 piece set of river sections, interchangeable and reconfigurable. One Piece has a bridge, another has a crumbling tower. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of this macabre story.


April Auction Madness!

It’s not really any more mad than usual, but that madness level already has good, high median so I’m going to roll with it.

We got hills…

We got odds and ends…

We got banners…

And we got more of the above coming up throughout the week, so stay tuned for updates!

Mo’ hills, mo hills, mo hills!

Get it fast, I can’t keep these things around very long!

On eBay Now: More Resin Goodies!

Some items are out, some are in. New in the fixed listings for resin cast terrain and scenery accessories are these:

Make your own horrible hellscape complete with this set of 3… things. They make great customization accessories for magical realms and chaos vehicles and buildings.

Next we have these handsome chaos-styled broken icons, great for objective markers or custom figure bases:



And a very special guest is back, our old favorites the fumaroles!

See all this, plus some odd goodies we’re liquidating in our eBay profile, and feel good knowing you’re supporting your local terrain builders union.

On eBay Now: Mountains!

Back to basics! Except we can’t make anything easy, and our plan to “make a couple hills” turned into this huge lot of plateau-styled mountains, packed with realism, washed out gulleys, boulders, brush and grass, jagged edges and detail out the wazoo, and most of all, built for play! EDIT: Only one left, I don’t have a buy-it-now so ya’ll gonna have to fight for it.










On eBay Now: A big, bubbling, monstrous mess.

Another set of Dangerous Terrain us up now, this set features a new kind of danger, a toxic, blobby sludge beast rising from the caustic goop, ready to pull hapless wanderers and illegal dumpers into its toothy maw.

Go see our eBay auction here and grab this bad-boy before Captain Planet comes and gives someone a stern talking-to!

On eBay Now: Ork Stuff

This week we have a 5 piece set of Ork structures, a good, solid encampment or village ready to give your greenskins a place to hang their… shootas n’ ‘ardware.

In addition, our Ork mistress Mismuse has made these lovely sets of banners and markers, outdoing herself on the level of quality and detail.



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Project Log: Space Marine Fighting Pit – Finished!

After much waiting, and a ridiculous amount of “final” details, it was done.

Here are some of the final pictures, we’ll add more to our galleries as we get them cleaned up and re-sized properly. Enjoy!




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